Chemists develop chemical compounds for dream-sharing

Yusuf: ...I rarely go into the field, Mr. Cobb.

Cobb: We'd need you there to tailor the compounds specific to our needs.

The Chemist is the specialist responsible for developing chemical compounds required to achieve dream sharing via the PASIV device. As the chemicals are administered to human subjects, a chemist requires a considerable understanding of pharmacology and how the chemicals will affect the biological state of the sleeper. More skilled chemists will be able to compose compounds to attain different effects in a sleeper's dream.

While the primary chemical compound required for dream-sharing is a standard formula of somnacin, some chemists are capable of developing more complex compounds to ensure dreamers will experience more lucid dreams. Other compounds formulated by chemists may include sedatives to increase stability in dreams, while preventing the sleeper from waking immediately except when induced to experience physically falling.

As with the Architect, a chemist may fulfill the role of a dreamer during a heist, particularly to provide the knowledge of specific compounds to be administered to induce dreamers in a dream into another dream layer. However, it is not necessary for a chemist to enter a dream.


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