This article is about the dream level. You may be looking for the castle Saito constructs in limbo.
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The Japanese castle was the second dream level in the heist on Saito's mind. It was constructed by Arthur.

History Edit

Dominick Cobb and Arthur spoke to Saito while having dinner, offering their services to help the latter learn to protect his mind from theft. However, Saito saw the truth – that Cobb and Arthur were actually planning on committing extraction on his mind when his guard was down. Cobb and Arthur walked around and planned, and Cobb saw his projection of Mal. Cobb split up from Arthur to speak with Mal and then perform the extraction.

While performing the extraction, Cobb was interrupted by Saito and Mal, who began to torture a kidnapped Arthur. Cobb shot Arthur in the head to wake him up, but his absence caused the dream to collapse. The progressive collapse of the dream caused debris from the falling castle to rain down, which killed and woke Saito. While reading the information he extracted, Cobb noted that some parts were blacked out, indicating that Saito was still holding on to his more personal secrets. Suddenly, the castle began to fill with water as Cobb's sleeping body in level one was thrown into a bathtub, waking him up.