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A complete and utter lack of sourcingEdit

This material will be on the talk page until such time that there is proof that it isn't the fanfic material it reads like. Anyone may modify the text in blockqoutes as long as they leave a message in this thread saying that they changed it. Bastian964 02:59, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

When Arthur was 2 years old, his father committed suicide and his mother died of cancer when he was 10. His mother never told him the truth about his father, and only told him that he had left them when Arthur was young. He lived with his grandpartents until he turned 18. Although Arthur was too young to remember his father's suicide, he would find himself having dreams of a strange man walking up to his room, and then hearing a gun go off. These dreams of his father's suicide are what motivated Arthur to become extremely interested in the dream world. Years later he found a man experienced in dream-sharing to help him confront this memory. Together the two adventured in Arthur's subconscious and found the truth about his father. Extremely touched and amazed by the dream sharing abilities, Arthur made himself available in the underground dream-sharing world.

Arthur met Cobb 3 years before the events of the film take place. They met in Tokyo when Cobb was looking for a job. He came across a man who had helped Arthur with the dream of his father, and the man recommended Arthur to Cobb. Cobb had to look very hard for Arthur and when he did Arthur was very hostile. The two ended up engaging in a fight, because Arthur had though Cobb was sent by a corporation to kill him. When Cobb explained who he was, the two joined forces, and have been a team ever since.

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