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The Hotel
Dream Information





Robert Fischer


Explosives blow out the floor (never used)
Explosives propel the elevator upward

Other Sleepers

Dom Cobb

The Hotel was the second dream level in the heist on Fischer's mind. It was dreamt by Arthur.

Eames enters The Hotel dream disguised as a blonde woman speaking to Fischer at the bar. As Cobb approaches, Eames pickpockets Fischer's wallet and leaves, drawing the attention of Fischer's security projections and buying Cobb time to attempt a risky con. Cobb pretends to be a projection of Fischer's subconscious named Mr. Charles.

Cobb draws Fischer's attention to the fact that he is dreaming and helps him remember that he has been kidnapped in The City. Cobb makes Fischer believe that his own true projections are in fact the kidnappers attempting to commit Extraction on Fischer's mind. At one point of the conversation, a waiter accidentally breaks a glass, which interrupts Cobb(because the sound of the glass breaking is identical to the one he stepped on in the hotel room that Mal killed herself) and projections of his children appearing in the hotel at some points.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Ariadne set explosive charges in room 491, which is directly beneath room 528, where the team intends to sleep. When given the cue by Yusuf in The City, Arthur intends to detonate the explosives, causing the floor of 528 to give out, dropping himself and the sleepers and creating a kick. Arthur says that it's important that he is able to synchronize the kick with the van hitting the rail in The City, or else he will be forced to administer a different kick in zero gravity while the van is in free fall into the water.

Cobb assembles Fischer and the rest of the team in room 528 when Fischer's projection of Peter Browning walks in. The projection states that he is working with the kidnappers so that he can gain access to the alternate will and divide up the company, which is what Fischer Sr. always wanted his son to do. Cobb convinces Fischer to enter Browning's mind and discover the truth and Fischer agrees. Unknown to Fischer, the team is actually preparing to enter his mind, creating a third level to commit Inception in.

Arthur stays awake and leads Fischer's militarized projections away from the sleepers. At this point, due to Yusuf's reckless driving in Level 1, the hotel spins 360 degrees as Arthur kills off the projections. Finally, Arthur hears the musical cue from Yusuf and rushes to warn the sleepers that the kick is coming, but is too late and misses the first kick. The feeling of free fall on Arthur's body in Level 1 translates to weightlessness in The Hotel. Due to the lack of gravity, Arthur is forced to prepare a different kick.

Arthur moves the sleepers into the elevator, where he plants the charges. When the van hits the water, Arthur detonates the charges, which propel the elevator and create a kick that wakes the sleepers from Level 3, and synchs with the kick in Level 1, allowing them to all wake from the Hotel.

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