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Inception: The Big Under Articles. Spoiler AlertEdit

This is an area for the creation of articles relating to Inception: The Big Under before the comic itself is release. Be warned that since these are created from the script this page contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk. Anyone may edit these if they so wish but please treat these like they are actual articles. Comments should be left in the designated section. Additions to pre-existing articles may be found here.

Inception: The Big Under

Ginza District (dream)

Punk Kid



Sonia is Saito's lover. Her husband is a

The Church (dream)

Sonia Extraction Job

Saito's Apartment (real)

This is one of Saito's apartments in the real world. He uses it to meet up with Sonia. Nash and Cobb come here to prepare for the first level of the heist on Saito's mind.


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