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    New Skin

    August 6, 2010 by Azaelius

    Hey everyone, you most likely noticed a few graphical changes on the wiki. I've been messing around with creating a new skin for this wiki, mostly as a template for other wiki skins, and I just applied it at around noon (Pacific time) today. There were a lot of bugs to sort out, but with the help of a few people who actually knew what they were doing, we sorted them out (I think). If you'd like to request any changes or if you see any bugs, you can report them on my talk page, and I will see to them as soon as I can. Thanks, and let's keep up the great work on the wiki!

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  • Azaelius

    End Theories

    July 17, 2010 by Azaelius

    This following theory was thought up by TrueJournals, and he was the originator of the end theories idea.

    The ending of Inception is left very open. Dom Cobb's totem is seen spinning for a long amount of time, but appears to wobble slightly before the movie cuts to black and the credits. Therefore, there are two possibilites to what happens after: either the top becomes unstable and falls down, or it regains its stability and remains spinning forever. This page serves as a discussion of the moments in the movie that lead to both theories, as well as any more evidence for or against the theories. Please discussion theories on this page's talk page.

    If the top keeps spinning, this means that what we are seeing at the end is a dream world -- po…

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  • Azaelius

    I was reading over Tectonium's post about information sources for the film, I thought I'd try to create a central area for links and other resources that you can go to if you're trying to find character information, pictures for infoboxes, etc. So please, post any links that you have been using or that you know about; we need to have some high quality articles to go along with our high quality layout. :P

    Here are a few that I've found or I've saved from people posting them in the IRC:

    • (Character info and direct quotes from Nolan)
    • (Interview with Wally Pfister)
    • http://www.nolanfan…
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