To whom this may concern,

OK so I'm planning to write some fanfic involving Inception but it will also involve this anime called Angel Beats - an anime basically about a bunch of high-school students who inhabit the afterlife/purgatory (read: limbo) and form some sort of armed militia to wage war against "God". As my form of creative license, I will say write that this militia appears to people in their dreams (as well as their dreams within their dreams; maybe reality too if its possible) as "ghosts" terrorising these people. Cobb and his group reassemble under the presumption that they can go deep enough to "eradicate" this problem.

Now I want to know a few things:

  • Does Cobb's group need to go through the whole business of going through dreams within dreams again? Or can they just go straight into limbo? If the former, then I will probs add some OCs (original characters) to compensate with regards to the synchronized kicks (because there may be about 6 of the militia in this FanFic; I guess if you read that right you can sorta see where this is going)
  • The timeframe Cobb and his group have to accomplish this goal of "vanquishing" this militia for good is 9 hours (from bedtime to sunrise) - given that, how much time do they have as they go down the dream layers assuming that they are using Yusuf's sedative again in this fanfic?
  • How good are the team in combat? Most of the time they deal with guns and it can be assumed they know how to use them - would this sudden burst of knowledge occur if they conjure up swords and knives (seeing as how the Angel Beats militia actually have swords and knives - heck they even have a halberd - at their disposal)?

Thanks if there is anyone there who can answer these questions for me.

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