• Red Dog31

    Well, for my very first blog, I decided to talk about which film is better: The Dark Knight or our very own Inception. Well, to start off, let's see the plots/genre of each film. Inception is a Sci-Fi Thriller and tells the story of Dom Cobb, a thief who specializes in the art of Extraction (stealing ideas from the sub-conscious). Dom is then offered a chance at redemption, gaining his old life back, if he does one last job that involves the art of Inception (planting of ideas).

    The Dark Knight, on the other hand, is a superhero thriller, and continues the story from Batman Begins. In it, a new menace known as the Joker, is planning on throwing Gotham City into Anarchy and it is up to Batman to stop him.

    Now, both films were directed and wr…

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