• Wilis668

    The Incepton of Cobb

    January 1, 2011 by Wilis668

    This started as a response post, but I think it merits a page. Inception doesn't overtly explain how Cobb gets from "his limbo" to Saito's. It also doesn't explain notable differences between the two limbos (why is Fischer young and Saito old?) or why Cobb appears so disoriented in the latter but not the former. Understanding these differences is, in my view, the key to understanding the movie Inception.

    As the film tells us, Limbo is unconstructed dream space. It's dangerous to go there because it's easy to forget that you're dreaming--in other words, in Limbo you get disoriented. It doesn't operate like other dreams in that (a) there are no projections--only what you build, and (b) the dream won't collapse, at least not for decades. To ge…

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