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40 years ago

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Mombasa, Kenya, Africa





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Dileep Rao

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Oh, ha bloody ha!

Yusuf is the team member who formulates the drugs, including his own brand of Somnacin, needed to enter the dream world. To allow the dreamers to enter the multi-level dream of the Fischer Inception Job he combines his drugs with a powerful sedative that keeps them "under", while still keeping the dream worlds somewhat stable. Only a falling sensation is able to wake the dreamers from the dream state while under the influence of these drugs. He is portrayed by actor Dileep Rao. He uses a two-toned SIG Sauer P232 in a attempt to eliminate the one projection that got onto the bridge in the first level of the Fischer Inception Job.


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The Chemist Fan-Made Poster

Dileep Rao describes Yusuf as “an avant-garde pharmacologist, who is a resource for people, like Cobb, who want to do this work unsupervised, unregistered and unapproved of by anyone. Yusuf obviously has a monetary interest in helping Cobb, but he is also motivated by a burning curiosity. He has been experimenting with this stuff for so long and now he wants to see what it’s like.
The role of the chemist was particularly tough because you don’t want him to seem like some kind of drug dealer. He’s absolutely not,” says co-producer Jordan Goldberg. “He’s someone who is committed to the art of dream sharing and making it work in ways it hasn’t before. We needed Yusuf to be funny and interesting and obviously smart, and Dileep is all of those things.


Yusuf is a master of his craft, and as such, maintains a cool and collected attitude when within his own comfort zone. However, of the team, he is one of the least experienced in the practice of shared dreaming, and by extension, in the practice of extraction and inception. As such, he makes many rookie mistakes, such as forgetting to go to the bathroom before going to sleep and forgetting, for a moment during the car chase, that the rest of the team was asleep.


Basement dreaming

Yusuf is an extremely talented scientist in his field. His ability to concoct powerful and creatively useful sedatives is beyond compare. As a chemist, his talents lie mainly in the theory of dream-sharing. However, he has extremely limited experience with actually entering into the dreams his drugs help create.


  • Arthur: "And you. You knew about this and went along with it."
    Yusuf: "I trusted him! (referring to Dom Cobb)"
    Arthur: "You trusted him. What, when he promised you half of his share?"
    Yusuf: "No... his whole share."


  • He was known as The Chemist in some promotional material.

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